Spatiotemporal Localization of Seizure Onset Zone

The epileptic seizure sign is abnormal, mostly very synchronous brain activity. The seizure onset zone starts to generate the abnormal activity which can propagate over the rest of the brain and influence another functional structures. The aim is to find this seizure onset zone.

Graphoelements Detection

The epileptoform tissue generates their typical transients. For example an epileptoform complexes Spike Slow Wave or High Frequency Oscillations. Their physiological reason could also be natural stimulation cancelling seizure generation but also their density and propagation could show the pathologic zones also in meantime the seizures.

Patients Database

Fast and user friendly database that conjuncts medical reports, examinations, their results and the analyses as well as statistical evaluations is crucial for demanded efficiency of the research. The database is designed for specific needs of the parts of the ISARG group.

Signal and Analyses Viewer "Alenka"

The neurologists use their EEG signal viewers. Their functionality, necessary for customization for the ISARG project is limited. The developed viewer allows modular EEG signal browsing as well as analyses results simultaneously, synchronized by absolute time stamps.